Best Coffee Bean Drinks for Post-Dinner and a Laithwaites Discount Code

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Not everyone can drink coffee in the evening, but if you’re hosting a dinner party it’s traditional to offer both coffee and tea as a post-dinner drink. Of course you need to serve wine with dinner, which is why we have a Laithwaites discount code for you to keep your costs as low as possible. Here are some of our top picks for both coffee and wines.

Use a Laithwaites discount code for red, white, rosé, bubbly and more

If you’re hosting a dinner party you may need a few bottles of wine depending on how many guests you are expecting, and that can add up pretty quickly. We’re not suggesting you sacrifice taste and quality for the sake of keeping your costs down, but there is nothing wrong with being a savvy shopper and getting the best price for a good quality product. If you’re a Boulder Coffee Co. customer then you already know all about this! We love Laithwaites for two reasons: selection and price. Laithwaites only sells wine online, and since they are not constrained by storage space in a physical store their catalog is extensive. If you are feeling overwhelmed by how much choice there is, take a look at their top picks and collections. I promise they will not steer you wrong.

I think the best way to get wine from them is to purchase a mixed case of 12 bottles. This way you get the best possible price, made even better by the use of a discount code, and you get a variety of different wines. You order them in pairs, so you can get up to 6 different wines. Depending on what you are serving with dinner and the occasion, you could get some reds, whites, rosés, and even some sparkling wine or champagne. If you wanted the guests to have options then you could get a mix of all of them. If you really love wine and like to try different ones, Laithwaites also has a wine subscription with excellent prices and interesting picks. You don’t have to get it monthly if you don’t go through that much wine, you are able to set the delivery frequency yourself to suit your needs.

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Best Coffee Bean Drinks for After Dinner

I personally love to have a coffee or tea along with my dessert. It’s a good idea to have decaf options as well for those who can’t have caffeine that late. I’m in that camp, and I always appreciate the host who has a decaf option ready to go for those of us who love the taste of coffee but are a bit more sensitive to caffeine. I would also avoid anything sugary, blended, or cold. Unless it’s quite hot and humid out I imagine most people would prefer a warm evening drink, and since you are typically serving coffee alongside desert you’ll want to avoid anything too rich or sweet.

The coffee drink should complement or bring out the flavours of the dessert (chocolate, caramel, or hazelnut flavours go very well with coffee), not overpower it. You’ll probably also want to choose coffee drinks with a lower caffeine content for those choosing the non-decaf options. Unless your guests are going to be working the night shift afterwards they probably don’t want a macchiato with multiple espresso shots!

Good old drip coffee

Use good quality beans like the ones we roast and sell here at Boulder Coffee Co. and you really can’t go wrong with a basic drip coffee. This also allows the guests to customize it to their taste preference with cream and sugar or just have it black. If you don’t like black coffee, I might suggest that the quality of your beans is lacking. It depends on the grocery store of course, but most major supermarkets are carrying beans that are produced to be the most cost-effective, not the most flavourful. Yes, I’m including the branded beans from national coffee chains in that! Try some beans from a small batch artisanal roaster, it’s a world of difference.


If you only have an espresso machine, an Americano is a good alternative to drip coffee. Did you know that the Americano got its name because American soldiers in Italy during the second world war found espresso to be too strong? They started adding hot water to their espresso shots to water it down for them, and thus the Americano was born. This is also a great way to offer a decaf option without having to brew two pots of coffee. Again this is a highly customizable drink where the guest can add their exact amount of cream or sugar to their personal taste preference.


If you have somebody in the group who really likes their coffee creamy and typically drinks lattes and other foamy drinks you might offer them a cappuccino. It’s similar to a latte in that you mix steamed milk with your espresso shot and add a layer of foamed milk, but the cappuccino uses less milk than the latte. I love a latte in the morning, but I feel they are a bit too rich and creamy for an after dinner drink. Especially alongside dessert, it just seems like a few too many calories! If you’ve never had a cappuccino before it’s a beautifully layered drink, you have espresso on the bottom, steamed milk in the middle, and then a layer of foam on top. When you drink it the denser espresso comes through the steamed and foamed milk and mixes with it which makes for a really nice flavour profile. It is a bit of a stronger espresso flavour than the latte, but again I feel that goes perfectly with a sweet and creamy dessert.