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Best Coffee Bean Drinks for Post-Dinner and a Laithwaites Discount Code

Not everyone can drink coffee in the evening, but if you’re hosting a dinner party it’s traditional to offer both coffee and tea as a post-dinner drink. Of course you need to serve wine with dinner, which is why we have a Laithwaites discount code for you to keep your costs as low as possible. Here are some of our top picks for both coffee and wines.

Use a Laithwaites discount code for red, white, rosé, bubbly and more

If you’re hosting a dinner party you may need a few bottles of wine depending on how many guests you are expecting, and that can add up pretty quickly. We’re not suggesting you sacrifice taste and quality for the sake of keeping your costs down, but there is nothing wrong with being a savvy shopper and getting the best price for a good quality product. If you’re a Boulder Coffee Co. customer then you already know all about this! We love Laithwaites for two reasons: selection and price. Laithwaites only sells wine online, and since they are not constrained by storage space in a physical store their catalog is extensive. If you are feeling overwhelmed by how much choice there is, take a look at their top picks and collections. I promise they will not steer you wrong.

I think the best way to get wine from them is to purchase a mixed case of 12 bottles. This way you get the best possible price, made even better by the use of a discount code, and you get a variety of different wines. You order them in pairs, so you can get up to 6 different wines. Depending on what you are serving with dinner and the occasion, you could get some reds, whites, rosés, and even some sparkling wine or … Read the rest

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