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Kuerig versus Nespresso: Who Rules The World Of Coffee?

Do you love coffee, but don’t have the patience (or capital) to invest in one of the best coffee grinders? Even if have great coffee grinds, you’ll need an equally good (and expensive) drip brewer (like the Technivorm Moccamaster) to get the best out of your coffee. If you’re like me and you’re willing to trade just a little bit of flavor for lots of time, then getting a single-cup brewer is the best option for you.

You might just be planning to get a coffee maker then. But then, as usual, there’s a catch. There are too many brands, and you need just one machine. There’s a choice you have to make. Well, Nespresso and Keurig are the biggies of the game. But, but, but, which is the best. Let’s know the two machines better to decide.  Here is a look at both the systems up close.

Brewing System

Both the Keurig and Nespresso are single serve coffee machines. However, the brewing system of the two machines is contrasting. Keurig uses pressure to brew your coffee whereas Nespresso works with centrifugal force. The brewing time for them both is 3 to 4 minutes, and the flavor wins hearts. Keurig gives you a choice to have other drinks like tea and hot chocolate as well which is not the case with the Nespresso. But, Keurig can’t do an espresso.

K-Cups versus Capsules

Keurig coffee machines use K-Cups. The K-Cups are crafted out of plastic and covered with foil. Keurig’s coffee pod can fill only a cup at a time but saves your drink from exposure, keeping it fresh for longer. Nespresso, on the other hand, has been using capsules in its brewing system since evolution. These aluminum capsules use a food-grade lacquer to protect your drink. The foil is perforated in various ways to suit the requirements of different drinks.

Compatible brands

Keurig scores well in its variety of beverages. It covers more than 200 types of drinks from popular names from the world of teas and coffees. The brands include Starbucks, Green Mountain, Celestial Seasonings, Folgers, Tully’s, Twinings, and Caribou. Now, Nespresso isn’t interested in teas. It has its own league of coffee flavors like Colombian Rosabaya, Ethiopian Bukeela, Brazilian Dulsao, and Indian Indriya.


Despite some of the basic differences between Keurig and Nespresso, they both are high in quality. These machines exceed your expectations when it comes to the flavor they bequeath to your drinks. Both the brands give you a limited one year manufacturer’s warranty and may serve well for about five years if not molested while using. What would your coffee cost you? Now, this is important. This decides where you can have a bit of financial edge. When it comes to an affordable mug, Keurig is the thing. Coffees are more affordable with Keurig as Nespresso likes to keep it as a high-end brand. The capsules and pods cost you a dollar or a bit more but can be cheaper in bulk buying.


So which beats the other when it comes to Keurig versus Nespresso? The answer lies in your needs. Keurig and Nespresso are the best coffee machines but which is better is going to be about what you need.  You want Keurig if you like teas as well or want to save a few bucks. If you love espresso or royalty or both, get a Nespresso.

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The Advantages of Single Cup Coffee Makers

Coffee is one of those drinks that every adult loves. It has a myriad of health benefits. Everyone from office workers to weight-lifters drink coffee for its perceived benefits (not to mention taste). The advent of the single cup coffee makers, a coffee maker brews only one cup of coffee at a time, as the name suggests, is a marking point to change the lives of coffee lovers. The single cup coffee maker has the following benefits;

Fresh coffee

Most people who enjoy a hot cup of coffee, enjoy a fresh one even more. The greatest advantage of the single cup coffee is that it brews fresh coffee whenever needed. In the office and at home, you can enjoy the great taste of a high-quality coffee, and with the single cup coffee maker, the high quality and excellent taste will be added into by the flavor of freshness.


The fact that the single cup coffee maker brews directly into a travel mug or cup makes it more convenient than the other coffee makers out there. It is most suitable for those who are maybe running late to the office and to people in travel mode. With the single cup coffee maker, you are only required to grab your mug, push the button and get out of the door once the coffee is ready.

Saves on costs

Brewing only one cup of coffee at a time indicates that you will be using less coffee and at the same time washing off little coffee, ultimately the single cups will eventually save up on the coffee costs. Moreover, if you’re substituting the daily purchases of coffee each morning with the single cup coffee maker, then you will realize even more saving.

Easy to clean

The one cup brewing coffee makes the brewer much easier to clean than the other conventional drip style model. The coffee maker has fewer elements to clean, makes less staining and will leave less mess than the entire process.

Allows variety

If you like having your coffee in different types, then having a coffee maker will enable you to experiment with the various varieties of flavors at ease. It becomes easy to use single serve pods and cups from pot to pot, and from cup to cup, and even to mix different cup types to come up with your invention. Though it might not always work out correctly, your brewing options are endless.

A single cup coffee is the best coffee maker for you if you are always on the move. It substitutes all the other coffee making options to allow you the best coffee for your day.


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